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Innkeeper is an all-in-one suite of software and AI tools to increase revenue. Live competitor monitoring + rate reccomendations with a full stack of AI tools to automate your hotel management.

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Revenue Management that actually Increases Revenue

Best-in-class AI Dynamic Pricing, enhanced guest service, and improved operational management.

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Live Rate Tracking



AI Front Desk

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Your Hotel's Command Center

AI-First Management

Maximize revenue with automatic AI rate updates, satisfy guests with AI front desk system that handles calls and texts, paired with a comprehensive suite for amplifying your hotel's online presence.

Live Rate Tracking

Live Rate Tracking

Stay ahead of competition with real-time monitoring and AI updates.

AI Front Desk

AI Front Desk

Automated call and text handling 24/7.

Hospitality Optimized

All-in-One Platform

Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to do everything you need in a hotel. From a SEO-optimized website, AI-driven guest services, to negotiating corporate employee stays, we want running a hotel to be easy

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Direct Bookings

Maximize Your Revenue - Direct Bookings

In addition to our advanced demand forecasting and dynamic pricing tools, we offer a direct booking engine that allows you to maximize your revenue by capturing more direct bookings. Our platform is optimized for SEO, ensuring your site ranks higher in search results. We use the latest in web development like server side rendering and static site generation (SSG) to enhance SEO and drive more visits

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Instant Site Launch

AI Front Desk built-in

AI Front Desk

75% question automation.

Works with your PMS

Real-time sync with top platforms.

One Platform, All the Tools You Need

Next Gen Hotel Management

Our cloud based system plugs into your existing PMS systems and give you a ton of automations to control your hotel operations from anywhere with almost no effort. If you are a PMS company looking to license our APIs - contact for more information about webhooks, AI rate updates, and more.


Love running your hotel with innkeeper. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee - if we don't increase your revenue, we'll refund you

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